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The IF Clause refers to the Condition.

  • True

  • False

Emma _______ go on vacation if she doesn't get a job.

  • didn't

  • won't

  • would

If they _______ that car, they would have arrived sooner.

  • had bought

  • had buy

  • have bought

He will come earlier if she_______ him.

  • call

  • called

  • calls

If you had enough money, she _______ you.

  • would invite

  • will invite

  • invites

What type of Conditional is used to talk about universal truths?

  • Zero Conditional

  • First Conditional

  • Second Conditional

In all the Conditionals, the order of the sentence can be altered (Condition and result or result and Condition).

  • True

  • False

The Second Conditional is used to talk about...

  • Facts

  • Hypothetical situations

  • Hypothetical situations in the past

In the sentence, the result half starts with IF.

  • True

  • False

If I _______ hard, I will pass the exam.

  • studies

  • will study

  • study

She will invite me if I _______ her.

  • helped

  • help

  • would help

If I _______ younger, Megan would go out with me.

If it is summer, It _______ hot.

They would have passed if they _______ more.

  • have studied

  • had studied

  • had study

If he _______ hard, he won't pass.

  • study

  • didn't study

  • doesn't study