We use it

To identify objects, animals, persons, names, material and abstract things.


A complete review of the different types of nouns and their characteristics. Examples, Exercises, Exams and downloads.



Used to name living beings, material and abstract things.

- Car

- Flower

- House

- Man

- Computer


Used to appoint names, surnames, countries and cities.

- France

- Robert

- Teacherapp

- Jagger

- Vaughan



There exist three types of gender...

- Male

- Female

- Neuter

To distinguish them, we use Pronouns, other nouns or its meaning is just deduced from the context.

We use the pronoun "He" attached to the male nouns. Some examples are...

- Boy

- Man

- Father

- Son

  • Examples

    My brother is tall. He is the best.

    The king is gentle. He loves dancing.

    He is the greatest hero.

    He is my God.

    He is the host.

We use the pronoun "She" attached to the female nouns. Some examples are...

- Girl

- Mother

- Aunt

- Woman

  • Examples

    She is the princess of the house.

    The actress won a prize. She is happy.

    She is his girlfriend.

    She is the lady of the hat.

    She's my sister.

We use the pronoun "It" attached to the neuter nouns. Some examples are...

- Bird

- Stone

- Car

- Dog

  • Examples

    My cat is crazy. It loves dogs.

    It is a heavy stone.

    It is my dad's car.

    The house is green. It is big.

    It is your pen.



They are divided in Singular and Plural.


A Singular Noun refers to one person, thing or place.

- Guitar

- Ball

- Tree


They can be regular or irregular.

To transform a noun into plural, generally we add "-S" in the end

Student > Students.

If the noun ends in -Es, -Ch, -Sh, -S, -X we add -Es in the end.

Dress > Dresses.

  • Examples

    Box > Boxes.

    Church > Churches.

    Bus > Buses.

    Beach > Beaches.

    Dish > Dishes.

If the noun ends in -Y, it is replaced by -Ies, unless a vowel is before the -Y.

City > Cities.

  • Examples

    Story > Stories.

    Lady > Ladies.

    Country > Countries.

    Fly > Flies.

    Boy > Boys .

    (vowel before the "Y").

If the noun ends in -F o -Fe, it is replaced by –Ves.

Life > Lives.

  • Examples

    Half > Halves.

    Knife > Knives.

    Wolf > Wolves.

    Wife > Wives.

    Leaf > Leaves.

Irregular plural nouns change their form.

Man > Men

Woman > Women

Child > Children.

  • Examples

    Person > People

    Tooth > Teeth

    Foot > Feet

    Mouse > Mice

    Man > Men

Nouns that are always plural



Nouns can be simple (one term) or compound (two or more terms).


- Flower

- Car

- Sky


- Father-in-law

- Dining-room

- Tea cup

- Taxi driver


Nouns can accomplish several functions in the sentence...

- Subject

- Complement

- Predicative

- Adjective

- Apposition

  • Examples


    "Dogs" like bones.

    "Happiness" is all around.

    "Mom" cooks very good.


    I received a "call".

    He drives "home".

    I like "coffee".


    He is the "president".

    Katty is a "nurse".

    She is my "mother".


    Give me the "fruit" basket.

    He is an "English" man.

    It is a "five dollar" ticket.


    My brother, the "singer", is 23 years old.

    Susan, the "baby-sitter", is very nice.

    The police officer, "Tom", arrested the thieves.

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